Orca Nusantara

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Coconut oil serves as an excellent hair conditioner, nourishing dry and brittle strands, stimulating healthy hair growth, preventing hair loss, supporting a well-balanced scalp, and alleviating dandruff. It supplies essential proteins to nourish dry, damaged hair, promoting rapid rejuvenation.

While some suggest a 30-minute treatment, feel free to utilize our Virgin Coconut Oil as an overnight leave-in treatment. Explore various treatment durations to discover the most effective option for your needs.

In our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, you’ll find lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid present in human breast milk and constituting approximately 50% of the oil. These fatty acids, also known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), are easily digestible, offer rapid energy to the body, and may enhance fat burning. Additionally, MCTs have the potential to reduce blood cholesterol levels.

It’s normal to observe a slight color variation in our virgin coconut oil. Orca’s virgin coconut oil undergoes a dry, expeller-pressed method, followed by filtration and bottling. The coconut meat, hand-scooped from the shell, may carry a thin brown papery skin. Despite pressing and filtering, some of these particles may remain suspended in the oil, causing a natural coloration, particularly at the bottom over time. This occurrence is entirely normal.

Orca virgin coconut oil is highly stable and has a shelf life of at least two years.

Orca Virgin Coconut Oil makes an excellent substitute for butter, margarine, or other cooking oils. Simply use it in equal parts when frying, dressing, or baking.

No, there’s no need to refrigerate Orca Virgin Coconut Oil. 

Our Virgin Coconut Oil originates from Indonesia, where the coconut oil is promptly processed upon harvest. The white, creamy coconut meat is hand-scooped out of the shell, providing you with the pure and fresh flavor of coconut.