Orca Nusantara


Orca Jaya Nusantara is a leading agriculture supplier mainly focus on virgin coconut oil from Indonesia. Driven by the growing market and increasing demand of Coconut oil, we’re expanding our distribution both internationally and domestically.


As one of the largest Coconut producing country, we believe that we can contribute to provide the global market with the best quality and it has become our top priority to serve our Customers with integrity and fulfilling expectation


To be recognized as the company of choice in the region for its integrated competencies on delivering resources and presenting agriculture wealth of Indonesia.


To perform end-to-end integrated supply chain and export activity, from supplying, quality refining, port management, marketing, to shipment,

to ensure customer needs and the prosperity of our corporate stakeholders while contributing to the local & national economies.

Our Belief

1. Trustworthy

There’s a saying, “if you wanna go far, go together.” In this longterm partnership, everything requires mutual respect, trust & commitment between Orca Nusantara and our Customers, Stakeholders, Community, local Government to create the synergy needed to drive production and delivery’s speed, quality, quantity, and cost efficiency.

2. Excellence

We believe that by providing excellence standards, corporate governance, integrity and actions in the interest of our Partners is the right and only way to ensure long term success.

3. Continous Improvement

To build a sustainable management and production chains, We realize that integrated services requires discipline competencies & innovation, where constant improvements from a lean strategy to equipping our team with proficiency is a must to achieve excellence.